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Hair implant

Implemented in Belgium by Belgian doctors

Exceptionally natural-looking results


Hair transplant - hair implant Belgium

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide among people dealing with hair losshair lossandbaldness.

In Belgium, some Belgian hair surgeons have onetop global reputationbuilt up in the field of hair implantation.

With their advanced techniques, expertise and dedication, these professionals provide high-quality results to patients.

In case of advanced hair loss, the doctor will often refer you to:hair pigmentation specialists.

Hence it is important todifferences between hair transplantation and hair pigmentation to understand.

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Belgian hair surgeons use itsuper advanced techniquesto perform hair implantation.

The most patient-friendly and at the same time the most effective way is the FUE hair transplant method.

This technique provides natural-looking results and without visible scars*.

With FUE hair transplantation, individual hair follicles are harvested one by one from the donor area, resulting in no visible scars. There is no scalpel involved and everything is performed under local anesthesia.

Full-time Belgian hair surgeons are well trained in the application of these techniques and can adapt them to the unique needs of each patient.

* Under normal circumstances.

Without any problems after hair implantation

It is crucial to have a hair transplant locallyBelgian top doctor carried out for various reasons relating to safety and quality of care.

Although hair transplants abroad, such as Turkey, may seem attractive due to lower costs, they bring certain...riskswith him.

One of the main risks is the potential forinflammation and other complications. In foreign clinics it is sometimes difficult to guarantee the sterility and hygiene of the facilities.

Adhering to strict infection prevention protocols is essential to prevent infections during and after the procedure.

Belgian top doctors operate in modern,well-equipped clinics that meet strict health and safety standards, minimizing the risk of complications.

In addition, communication can be a challenge when choosing a foreign clinic. Language barriers and cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings about expectations and the treatment plan.

With local Belgian doctors there isno language or communication problems, allowing better interaction and the patient's full understanding of what happens during and after the procedure.

Finally, there is the aspect offollow-up and aftercare. After a hair transplant, it is essential to have regular contact with the doctor and discuss any questions or concerns. It is much easier to receive this aftercare from a local hair implant doctor, where physical appointments are easy to arrange.

At foreign clinics it can be difficult to receive the necessary follow-up and aftercare, so any complications may not be adequately treated.

In the interest of safety, quality of care, communication and follow-up, it is advisable to opt for a hair transplant from a top Belgian doctor.

This provides peace of mind, minimizes risk and increases the likelihood of successful outcomes and a satisfying experience.

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FUE hair transplant

  1. Minimal scarring: Because individual follicles are extracted rather than a section of scalp, no linear scar is left behind.

  2. Less invasive:FUE hair transplantation is a minimally invasive treatment, which means the patient experiences less discomfort during the procedure and has a faster recovery time.

  3. Natural-Looking Results: Individual hair follicles are carefully positioned to mimic the natural growth pattern of the patient's hair, resulting in a more natural appearance.

  4. Versatile: FUE hair transplant can be used to transplant hair to any part of the scalp, including the hairline, temples and crown.

  5. Stitches are not necessary: Unlike traditional hair transplant procedures, which require stitches, FUE hair transplant does not require stitches, making it a less invasive and more comfortable procedure for the patient.

  6. Suitable for all hair types: FUE hair transplant can be used to transplant hair in all hair types, including curly, wavy and straight hair.

Hair transplant without stitches -
quick recovery

The FUE hair implant technique involves making small incisions in the skin to remove each hair follicle, without leaving a linear scar.

The transplanted hair will then grow naturally in the recipient area, creating a fuller and more aesthetic hairline.

Make an appointment for more information.

Read more about thepreparation for a consultation (important).

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