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Hair transplant repair

Years after my hair transplant, I shaved everything off. Unfortunately, from then on a 'gap' can be seen between the transplanted hair and the receded hairline.

Before I had this hair pigmentation repair done, there was always some doubt: 'Will this look natural?', 'Won't this be very noticeable?' Because if this treatment goes wrong, there is no way back. So I was a bit scared at first...

But in the meantime I am very happy that I had this MHP treatment done. Perfectly executed by professionals who adapt their working methods to the situation. My hair is a bit thinner so it looked a bit lighter than others. Sabine responded perfectly to this and after 3 treatments the result is simply astonishing.

The comments I receive from others prove that. There have even been several people who know nothing and suddenly want to rub my head, something I also encountered in the past when there was still real hair.

Highly recommended!

Beyond all expectations
Beyond all expectations
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