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DNA Hair Test TrichoTest tm price

Hair test rate based on your own DNA profile.
This test is a one-time test because your DNA never changes.

Rate: 250 Euro


  • Collection of saliva for DNA analysis

  • Send to laboratory

  • Full analysis

  • Reporting results via email

Attention: Please do not eat or drink anything (except water) 1 hour before the saliva collection.

Payment options for DNA hair test

  • In cash

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • Transfer

  • Online payment

  • Paypal (on request only)

The Power of TrichoTest: Discover the Benefits of a DNA Hair Test

TheTrichoTest, also known as theDNA hair test, has turned the medical world on its head by providing a new and groundbreaking approach to diagnosing and treating hair loss. This innovative test uses saliva sampling to analyze genetic variations related to alopecia, resulting in a personalized report that includes as many as 48 genetic variations within 16 genes. The benefits of TrichoTest are overwhelming, providing patients and physicians with unparalleled opportunities to identify effective and personalized treatments for hair loss.

  1. Targeted, customized treatments: One of the most significant benefits of the TrichoTest is its ability to provide customized treatments based on the patient's genetic profile. By analyzing genetic variations associated with alopecia, the test can provide insight into which treatments are most likely to be successful for an individual. This results in a more effective approach to hair loss, with fewer trial treatments and a much higher chance of positive results.

  2. Risk Assessment for Hair Loss: TrichoTest can also help assess an individual's risk of future hair loss. By evaluating the genetic predisposition to alopecia, patients and doctors can take early preventative measures to reduce or slow hair loss. This gives patients valuable peace of mind and allows them to act proactively to maintain their hair health.

  3. Saving time and money: Unlike traditional methods of diagnosing hair loss, which often require several examinations and trial treatments to find an effective solution, TrichoTest offers a more efficient approach. The personalized report generated provides doctors with an in-depth understanding of the genetic factors associated with a patient's hair loss, saving valuable time and money.

  4. Improved treatment efficiency: The TrichoTest allows physicians to select treatments that will best work for the individual, significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. By reducing the guesswork and providing a more personalized approach, this test can significantly improve the effectiveness of hair loss treatment.

  5. Psychological benefits: For many people, hair loss can take an emotional toll and affect self-confidence. The TrichoTest can help patients understand that hair loss is not always the result of external factors, but has a genetic component. This understanding can provide psychological reassurance and facilitate acceptance of the hair loss process.


The TrichoTest, or DNA hair test, represents an exciting breakthrough in the world of hair loss diagnosis and treatment. With the ability to analyze 48 genetic variations within 16 genes, this test offers an unparalleled level of precision and personality. The benefits of the TrichoTest, including targeted, tailored treatments, risk assessment, time and money savings, improved treatment efficacy and psychological benefits, have the potential to change the lives of millions of people with hair loss. Consult your doctor or dermatologist to learn more about the TrichoTest and how this innovative test can help you maintain or restore your hair health.

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