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DNA hair test for personalized treatment for hair loss

A DNA hair test gives a doctor or dermatologist insight to which medication/supplement your body will respond to and which will not.
 with guesswork.

DNA hair test - research. Save money, time and hair

A DNA TrichoTest, or hair test,  can provide an individual answer to the question of hair loss patients in the short term “what treatment or product can I use to stop or slow down hair loss?'.

Until a few years ago, the only hair testing method was to use a certain product for at least 6 months and then evaluate it. In this way it can sometimes take years before the best working ingredient was found.

Based on the research, the current DNA hair test can exclude certain components that cannot work in your body anyway.


  • Time: you quickly use the most efficient hair strengthening agent for YOUR body.

  • Money: you don't needlessly spend money on products that will never work in YOUR body

  • Her: By quickly using the right medications and/or supplements, your hair loss will be brought under control much faster.

DNA haartest
DNA trichotest invullen vragenlijst

Hair hair test (DNA) gives certainty - personalized treatments

TrichoTest hair test analyzes 48 genetic variations associated with alopecia within 13 different genes. Thus, the hair test determines the genetic predisposition to scalp disorders, which makes it easier to select a suitable treatment option that is fully tailored to the patient.


Based on the results of the genetic hair test, the patient receives his personalized treatment/preparations for alopecia.

DNA hair test - research TrichoTest™

DNA strand

16 Genes

→ Genetic analysis
48 genetic variations associated with alopecia, within 16 genes, are analyzed.

Ideal dose of hair loss medication

ideal dose

→ Optimized dosing
You will receive an overview of the most ideal dose based on the patient's metabolism.

Hairbrush full of hair

individualized treatment for hair loss

→ Exclusive medical device
The Fagron TrichoTest™ is an exclusive medical device with which only the doctor or specialist can offer individualized treatment of alopecia.

Drug interactions dna test

automatic check for drug interactions

→ No interaction
the algorithm takes into account drug history from medical history to minimize the risk of drug interactions.

Science dna research hair test

scientifically substantiated, serves as basic information for doctors and dermatologists

→ Personalized treatment
The most effective formulas are generated by a scientifically proven algorithm, based on the analysis of DNA and extrinsic factors.

one-time hair test based on DNA

one-time test

→ A one-time test
Genetic factors do not change over the course of your patient's life.

Stop hair loss - stop money loss

A DNA hair test informs your doctor/surgeon exactly which hair loss treatment will work, and what will not.

No more guesswork.

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