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Rates micro hair pigmentation - hair transplant

Don't gamble with your appearance and come by in person for a consultation

  1. Personal assessment: During a consultation, the specialist can assess the client's specific situation, such as the degree of hair loss, scalp health and hair type. This makes it possible to develop a tailor-made treatment plan that best suits individual needs.

  2. Treatment options and advice: During the consultation, the available treatment options can be discussed, such as hair transplantation or hair pigmentation. The specialist can explain the pros and cons of each option and recommend the most appropriate path based on the client's hair situation and their desired results.

  3. Realistic expectations: A personal consultation helps to set realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the treatment. This prevents disappointments and ensures that the client has a good understanding of what is achievable.

  4. Medical suitability: A consultation allows the specialist to assess the client's medical suitability for the procedure. This is especially important in hair transplantation, where health and medical history can play a role in determining whether the person is a suitable candidate.

  5. Preparation for the treatment: The necessary preparations for the treatment can be discussed during the consultation. This includes information about any pre-operative instructions and aftercare instructions to ensure that the treatment goes smoothly.

  6. Ability to ask questions: A personal consultation offers the client the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns. This ensures a clear understanding of the process and helps to clear any doubts.

  7. Meeting the specialist: A consultation is an opportunity to meet the specialist who will carry out the treatment. This builds trust and helps the client feel comfortable with the chosen professional.

  8. Costs and financial aspects: During the consultation, the costs of the treatment can be discussed, including any additional costs for aftercare and follow-up. This helps the client to make an informed decision and arrange any financial planning.

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Sabine Dillen, hair specialist since 2004.

I have been actively working on hair loss and solutions such as micro hair pigmentation, hair transplantation, and others for more than 20 years.

It is my experience that a personal conversation provides absolute added value.

Hair loss is a complex topic.

There is no standard solution.

Make an appointment so that I can give you personal advice based on your wishes and possibilities.

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