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Zero shine 2.0 (mattifying cream scalp) finally available in Europe

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Do you suffer from a shiny scalp after micro hair pigmentation?

This scalp cream is specially designed in the USA to remove all shine and reflections on the scalp. It gives you a natural and matte scalp appearance, so that your hair pigmentation comes into its own even better.

mattifying cream anti shine after hair pigmentation
Zero shine 2.0 mattifying effect - anti-shine

Zero shine 2.0 was developed in the USA by pigmentation specialists.

  • Zero shine 2.0 is a specially developed anti-reflective cream to use after hair pigmentation (shaved hairstyle).

  • The cream has a mattifying effect that you can easily apply to your scalp. It is suitable for all skin types and hair colors.

Zero shine 2.0 mattifying scalp cream (after hair pigmentation) is now available in Europe!

  • The product is also safe and effective as it contains FDA approved ingredients.

  • You can choose between a version with or without SPF factor, depending on your sun protection needs.

  • Zero shine 2.0 keeps your scalp matt for 24 hours without the need for touch-ups. It is water-resistant and sweat-resistant, so you can use it during any activity.

example zero shine anti shine cream
Zero shine 2.0 example

The product does not leave stains or residue on your clothes or pillowcase. Zero shine 2.0 is also easy to remove with a mild shampoo.

If you want to order zero shine 2.0, you can do so via our webshop.

We ship Zero shine 2.0 in all EU countries, so you won't have to wait long to receive it.

You can also contact us if you have any questions about Zero shine 2.0 or about micro hair pigmentation in general. We are happy to help you.

Zero shine 2.0 example
Zero shine 2.0 example

Zero shine 2.0 is the product you need to make your hair pigmentation even more beautiful if you suffer from a shiny scalp.

Try it today and enjoy a shine-free scalp!


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