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Vaak gestelde vragen over haar pigmentatie en haartransplantatie.

Wij raden aan om een consultatie te reserveren om gepersonaliseerde antwoorden te krijgen.

  • Is the end result recognizable as 'hair pigmentation'?
    No, a well-executed hair pigmentation is unrecognizableto others at a normal social distance. Note: hair pigmentation requires a lot of experience, the right choice of pigment as well as the suitable needles to imitate hair stubble.
  • How long do pigmented hair stubble remain visible? Discoloration?
    We use special hair pigmentation pigments. These are composed differently than classic tattoo pigments. As a result, discoloration does not apply. The 'hair stubble' remain sharp for 3-5 years. Then the pigments will slowly fade, just like the effect of hair loss. Once you notice the fading, you can opt to come by for a touch-up session to add new pigments. Afterwards you will have another 3-5 years without any hair problems and/or maintenance.
  • Has the end result been achieved after 1 treatment?
    No. It usually takes 3 or 4 separate MHP treatments to achieve the end result. With every MHP treatment the full area treated. We wait approximately 1 week between each treatment to allow the pigments to properly penetrate the skin. There are no 'side effects' to be expected after treatment. No swelling, no scab.
  • Why have I come to the right place for hair pigmentation at Prohairclinic?
    Sabine Dillen is by far the most experienced hair pigmentation expert She can look back on a career spanning more than 20 years. Hair pigmentation also called hair tattoo, is more than technical knowledge, it is also an 'art' to be able to make the correct estimates and convert them.
  • Need to come by for a consultation?
    Absolutely. Hair pigmentation can dramatically change your appearance. That is why we want to meet you personally during a consultation conversation . We check whether you are a suitable candidate. What expectations you have will be discussed. A quotation will follow if necessary.
  • Is FUE hair transplantation a safe and efficient treatment?
    In contrast to the FUT, a FUE hair transplant is much less invasive. People therefore talk more about a hair transplant treatment instead of a hair transplant operation. The biggest difference is the method of removing the hair follicles from the back of the head. The FUE method does not use a scalpel. The doctor uses microsurgery and extremely small needles to remove the hair follicles. Afterwards, these hair follicles are placed back in the bald or balding area. The entire treatment is done under local anesthesia. You will be treated in Belgium by a globally recognized top doctor. After the treatment you can return home. The risk of serious complications is virtually non-existent with a properly performed FUE hair transplant. The result is a reflection of the experience of the doctor and his team. The doctors who treat you have 20+ years of experience and are specialized hair transplant doctors, full-time.
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